Friday, May 3, 2013

Demonstrators make a resounding appearance at Boeing's annual stockholder meeting

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, protestors from Veterans for Peace and other Chicago organizations made sure that Boeing stockholders understood where their funds are going: to the development of new technologies for illegal drone killing overseas.
The "Phantom Ray," Boeing's new technology for illegal killing

Speakers also drew attention to a more than 60 million dollar tax
 break Boeing received to relocate to Chicago: this means that
Chicago taxpayer money is indirectly funding the development
 of drone technology.
"U.S. Drone Pilots Suicide Rate-DOUBLE other U.S. Military."
 A side effect of drone use hidden by whitewashed media accounts
 that depict it as a "surgical" method for killing known terrorists.

By drawing attention to tax breaks Boeing has received, demonstrators
 revealed that we are all stakeholders in the perpetuation of U.S. imperialism.

Media were out in force to transmit the message:

Check out more information on Fight Back News!

Chicago demonstrators joined protests across the country to complete the April Days of Action Against Drones. GET INVOLVED IN THE BURGEONING MOVEMENT!

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Now that the Israeli government's killings in Gaza are front-page news -- particularly the way military aircraft is being used to mow down innocent men, women, and children -- Boeing's involvement is in everyone's face.

(See Boeing Has an Israel Problem . . . and Chicago Has a Boeing Problem)

"The U.S.'s use of drone warfare has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of children, many of whom live in countries where we have not declared war, yet Boeing has decided to pursue a Navy contract for the prototype for the next combat drone. This is unacceptable", said Kait McIntyre of the Chicago Anti-War Committee (AWC), at the annual stockholders' meeting of the Boeing Corporation.

 (See Activists Challenge Boeing to Disinvest from Drone Research)

A large contingent participated in creative resistance activities at the 2012 Air and Water Show.

(See Taking the NO DRONES! Message to the Masses at Chicago's Air & Water Show for full details.)

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