Friday, April 11, 2014

Write or Call Your Member of Congress Today: Make the U.S. Come Clean on Drone Killings

[UPDATE: June 5, 2014 - Support for the "Come Clean on Drone Killings" bill is growing! There are now 9 co-sponsors, in addition to the original 2 sponsors -- most recently Illinois representative Mike Quigley.  See the list below - where does your representative stand?]

Today, people in Illinois protesting drones are contacting their representatives to encourage support for H.R.4372: the Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act.

For example: see An Open Letter to Congressman Mike Quigley on H.R.4372: the Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act . Mike Quigley representatives the 5th Congressional district, on the north side of Chicago.

If passed, the bill will require the Obama administration to come clean about the killings it has carried out using drones -- killings that, up until now, the administration has been able to pretend don't exist.

So now's the time: write or call your member of Congress today. 

To determine what district you live in, go to

Illinois Congressional Delegation

(Members of the Progressive Caucus are presumed to lean in favor of the bill and are marked Progressive Caucus.)

IL01 - Bobby Rush - (202) 225-4372 email
IL02 - Robin Kelly - (202) 225-0773 email
IL03 - Daniel Lipinski - (202) 225 - 5701 email
IL04 - Luis Gutierrez - (202) 225-8203 email (Progressive Caucus)

IL05 - Mike Quigley - (202) 225-4061 email  CO-SPONSOR - 5/30/2014

IL06 - Peter Roskam - (202) 225-4561 email
IL07 - Danny Davis - (202) 225-5006 email (Progressive Caucus)
IL08 - Tammy Duckworth - (202) 225-3711 email
IL09 - Janice Schakowsky - (202) 225-2111 email (Progressive Caucus)
IL10 - Bradley Schneider - 202-225-4835 email
IL11 - Bill Foster - 202-225-3515 email
IL12 - William Enyart - 202-225-5661 email
IL13 - Rodney Davis - 202.225.2371 email
IL14 - Randy Hultgren - (202) 225-2976 email
IL15 - John Shimkus - (202) 225-5271 email
IL16 - Adam Kinzinger - (202) 225-3635 email
IL17 - Cheri Bustos - 202-225-5905 email
IL18 - Aaron Schock - 202.225.6201 email

[SEE: hub page for all Resources to SUPPORT the "Come Clean on Drone Killings" Act (Schiff/Jones HR 4372: the Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act)]

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First Reps. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) and Keith Ellison (D-MN) called the U.S. on the carpet for dodging the call from the international community to come clean about its drone killings. Then Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) submitted a bill calling for drone transparency. So ... are we finally going to get the truth?

(See REAL Progressives Demand that the U.S. Come Clean on Drone Killings)

A 2013 U.N. report makes it clear that the U.S. has to report fully on all its drone attacks.

(See 2014: The Year of Transparency (for U.S. Drone Use)?)

The reason the Administration is hiding truth about drones is that they don't have a satisfactory answer for how decisions about drone strikes are made.  As we have known all along, we need the public to think about how crummy the whole drone program is, and then they will be ready to be on our side. The best way to get them really thinking is to shine a spotlight on the secrecy, evasiveness, and deceit involved in the U.S. drone program.

(See Drone Killings: Come Clean )

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