Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FUND APPEAL: Help Support No Drones Illinois

No Drones Illinois recently acquired a drone replica from Know Drones in New York State. The replica is 8' long, has an 11' wingspan, and is displayed on a heavy-duty lifter that makes it widely visible.

We will be using the drone replica as part of our education and outreach campaign to raise public awareness of the menace of drones killings and drones surveillance. One major event was our effort at the Air & Water Show in Chicago, August 18 (see image above).

In support of these ongoing efforts, we are seeking 10 "founding coalition partners" to each contribute $50 toward defraying the first $500 of cost we incurred in procuring the model and transporting it to Chicago. (In fact, that only covers about half of the actual costs; Know Drones itself helps cover a portion of the cost through its own funding sources.) If your organization wants to support resistance to drones in Illinois, please email us at nodronesillinois [at] gmail.com.

THANKS! to Chicago World Can't Wait for becoming the first "founding coalition partner" with a $50 contribution toward the cost of the No Drones Illinois drone replica!

We're grateful to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) for becoming our second "founding coalition partner" with a $50 contribution!

THANK YOU "founding coalition partner" Pakistan Federation of America Chicago (USA) for your $50 contribution.

About a dozen drone replicas have been obtained by drones resistance groups throughout the country, including No Drones Wisconsin and antiwar groups in Indiana. Among the many reasons that the replicas are so important to our work are:
* The model attracts attention. It can be clearly seen -- especially when it is up on a lifter. It attracts curious people. Even at a crowded public event, people will be aware we are there and will come to talk to us.

* The model helps get a real conversation going. People of all different persuasions can get involved in the discussion. That makes for better interactions with members of the public.

* The drone arouses people's feelings. People begin to think about the significance of drones when they feel the model hovering over them. They can begin to get a sense of the size of the drones. They start to ponder the facelessness of the drone when they are looking at it and realize that there are no windows, that there is no on-board pilot. Most important, they get it into their heads that this problem is REAL, and they become unable to shake that thought.
We're grateful to Know Drones, and to everyone who has been contributing to make the resistance to drones a success.

Support the efforts of the many people who are working to end the drones! (What are you prepared to do?)

Read more about our efforts at the 2012 Chicago Air & Water Show (shown above).

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