Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thinking About Drones: Posts From "Scarry Thoughts"

Below are recent posts from "Scarry Thoughts" blog about drones.

Being a Team Player for "Mr. Forceful": Obama and the Dems , May 30, 2012 - Some people have the wrong idea about the article published yesterday in the New York Times, describing Barack Obama's personal administration of drone killing around the world. They think the article "exposes" the wrongful conduct of Obama and his administration, that it will spark outrage, and that it will bring about change. ... The article is a team memo from the Obama 2012 campaign..

Win/Win? More on the Problem of Permawar and "Good Jobs" in California , May 28, 2012 - My prediction? When we ultimately stop thinking like "Americans" and instead recognize that we must think as fellow human beings, the "win" and "good" in those military aerospace jobs is going evaporate before our eyes.

Drones, Permawar, and the Problem of "Good Jobs" , May 26, 2012 - Drones are a rapidly expanding part of the way America wages war everywhere -- a "breakthrough" in warfare that poses enormous moral hazard, and one that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.

THIS Memorial Day, Honor the Fallen: STOP Drone Killing! , May 28, 2012 - This Memorial Day, commit yourself to something that America's fallen servicemen and women -- and Iraq Veterans Against the War ... and veterans of all conflicts -- would want: an end to killing with drones.

Making Drone Killing 100% VISIBLE in Chicago! , May 25, 2012 - On Thursday, May 17, we made the drone killing 100% VISIBLE in Chicago. People from World Can't Wait, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, and other groups went out onto the streets and showed the faces of the victims to anyone willing to look.

#NATOvictims - Drone Strikes in Pakistan , May 24, 2012 - Would someone please look at the list of drone strikes in Pakistan -- week after week after week -- compiled by BIJ and figure out a way to convey to Americans what this would feel like if it the UNITED STATES were on the receiving end of this terror?

Make Drone Killing 100% VISIBLE!, April 20, 2012 - As long as the killing is invisible, we lose the most powerful tool we have for fighting the killing: the disgust and outrage of the general public.

Drones and Zero Accountability Government, March 20, 2012 - Any way you look at it, we've built ourselves a nightmare. How are we going to wake ourselves up?

Eric Through the Looking Glass , March 5, 2012 - Attorney General Eric Holder's speech on the justification for drones killings will turn you more topsy-turvy than anything Alice experienced when she ventured through the looking glass.

Drones, 1984, and Foucault's Panopticon, February 21, 2010 - ... prior to the physical and bodily aspects of control and manipulation, there are aspects that have to do with seeing, knowing, naming, and categorizing.

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